SupplyOne highlights Managed Services Program

SupplyOne, Inc., the largest independent supplier of custom corrugated and other value-added packaging products, equipment, and services in the US, highlights its Managed Services Program designed to help businesses enhance their competitiveness by taking cost of packaging ownership.

SupplyOne’s Managed Services span every aspect of packaging ownership. They include specialty sourcing, back-office procurement-related activities, pre-shipping, packaging automation and service, inventory management, 3PL and logistics services, and more. 

“Companies want to partner with suppliers that are focused on continuous improvement. They want access to complimentary or discounted services required to run their businesses even more effectively,” said David Whitney, SVP, Packaging at SupplyOne. “We’ve designed our services around the needs of our customers.”

SupplyOne’s Managed Services reduce costs and complexity associated with packaging ownership giving manufacturers and food processors more control over their packaging-related expenses.

There are 20 services available. Packaging Specialists work with customers to identify the custom suite of services to optimize their packaging and operations to yield new efficiencies and savings. Three such services are inventory management, just-in-time delivery, and price protection. 

● The  Inventory management service frees up space for growth while keeping inventory levels low and turns high. SupplyOne Packaging Specialists monitor inventory requirements and manage supplier quality and service to ensure customers have the right products for their applications when they need them. 

●     Just-in-time delivery liberates working capital that would otherwise be consumed handling and storing materials until they are needed for packaging and shipping. SupplyOne Packaging Specialists work with customers to ensure packaging materials are delivered on time and in sync with anticipated demand and production schedules.

●     Price protection gives customers more predictability and control over their working capital through pre-determined price reviews, guaranteed minimum notification periods, and indexed pricing. 

Managed Services are ideal for companies seeking to mitigate labor challenges, increase speed to market, increase up-time and productivity and increase cash flow.

The packaging supply chain is a complex system. SupplyOne Managed Services simplify it for businesses across industry verticals, including manufacturing food and beverage, medical and pharmaceutical CPG electronics, automotive industries. This program tailormade for those looking to form a partnership focused on enhancing value across their packaging supply chain.

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