SupplyOne Packaging Management Program promises savings guaranteed in writing

SupplyOne, the largest independent supplier of custom corrugated and other value-added packaging products, equipment, and services in the US, highlights its Packaging Management Program.

The Packaging Management Program, or PMP, simplifies the complexities associated with packaging ownership to reduce the total cost of packaging and contribute to more sustainable operations. The PMP has the unique distinction of guaranteeing the customer’s savings in writing.

Every Packaging Management Program begins with an assessment. Packaging Specialists employ a proprietary process to analyze spend, evaluate opportunities to optimize existing packaging and assess the full scope of the customer’s packaging-related operations. The findings from the assessment provide customers with a 360-degree view of their packaging expenses and plan to realize direct, indirect, and inventory-related cost savings. The approach successfully uncovers hidden costs, waste and non-value-adding activities that consume valuable resources and inflate the total cost of packaging ownership.

End-to-End Solutions for a Streamlined Supply Chain

SupplyOne’s operating platform includes custom manufacturing capabilities, relationships with over 3000 suppliers, best-in-class packaging equipment and automation, and a suite of complementary services spanning every aspect of packaging ownership. These capabilities allow Packaging Specialists to provide objective guidance and a comprehensive program PMP tailored to the unique needs and objectives of each customer.

Savings Guaranteed in Writing and Path to Additional Improvements

The PMP approach is unlike anything in the industry because SupplyOne guarantees savings in writing. SupplyOne provides customers with a plan to optimize their packaging operations. The recommendations align with each customer’s unique objectives and result in direct, indirect, and inventory-related savings. Then, working in close partnership, SupplyOne implements the plan while the customer stays in control through quarterly reviews detailing savings, enhanced efficiencies, and working capital improvements.

The customer will receive a check for the difference if anticipated savings aren’t achieved. In addition to the savings guarantee, customers benefit from enhanced efficiencies and resource utilization, improved operational sustainability, and cash flow.

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