Supreme Petfoods Launches Eco Pouch Packaging

Hadleigh-homed Supreme Petfoods has announced the relaunch of their Tiny Friends Farm Bathing Sand, now in new eco-pleasing packaging, in line with consumer demand for more environmentally friendly options.

The new pouch uses 85% less packaging than before and is 100% recyclable. It also takes up 96% less space for transportation, while also helping retailers generate more margin from available shelf space.

Supreme marketing manager, Claire Hamblion, commented: “We introduced the new eco-friendly pack because it was the right thing to do and also because it increases the appeal of bathing sand to owners of small pets,” she said. “It’s a piece of new product development that we’ve been able to initiate without adding cost, while increasing appeal.

Our typical purchaser is a young adult, probably millennial, often a multi-pet owner and highly engaged in decision making around their pet purchases. We want to make sure we tick all their boxes for them and in turn, it makes it much easier for retailers to recommend our brands.”

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