News Cites Sustainable Thermal Protection Packaging from Ranpak as Sweet Deal

Ranpak Holdings Corp. (“Ranpak”), a global leader of environmentally sustainable, paper-based packaging solutions for e-commerce and industrial supply chains, has helped, a popular Dutch online bakery, improve its packaging sustainability and customer unboxing experience with Ranpak WrapPak Protector paper pads for thermal protection of its products rather than its previously used chilled transport system. bakes its cakes in the morning, after which they are delivered to customers all over the Netherlands. In order to preserve the quality of the cakes, their temperature may not exceed 7oC upon delivery. This is the only way to ensure that high-quality cakes retain their taste. After delivery, the cakes can sit out unrefrigerated for several hours.

Sustainability is a priority at That’s why the company decided to look for a more sustainable alternative to its chilled transport solution that included a cooling engine. The company’s water consumption for cleaning the non-sustainable insulation boxes in which the cakes were delivered also had to be reduced. And since cakes are usually ordered for festive occasions, wanted to create a festive unboxing experience.

To meet these needs, Ranpak provided with its WrapPak Protector which was easy to install in the bakery. In preparation for shipment, the cakes are wrapped in waved paper pads, which are produced based on the number of cakes on order. Sustainable cool packs from Recycold are also included in the box to ensure temperature control. was able to save space and better respond to seasonal peak demand thanks to this packaging solution. It also eliminated the need to wash the previously used chilled transport solution.

Since the introduction of the Ranpak packaging solution, customer complaints were significantly reduced, compared with the chilled transport option. The products are kept cool and free from damage during transport. And the goal of a festive unboxing experience for the customer has been achieved. Additionally, the cardboard box and Ranpak’s paper are 100% sustainable, as both the cardboard and the paper are curbside recyclable. Customers can also re-use the Recycold cool packs as well. In addition to reduction of water use, the new system has also reduced the need for warehouse space to store cold chain packaging at the bakery. And the returns stream previously required for the chilled transport option has been completely eliminated, further reducing the carbon footprint associated with cake delivery.

Revamping Cold Chain Packaging for Baked Goods

Packing and shipping of these high-quality cakes had several requirements from the customer perspective, including:

  • Thermal protection:  Temperature for the cakes at customer delivery must not exceed 7oC. Cakes are typically delivered within 24 hours, usually same day.
  • Ease of use:  A thermal packaging solution that is easy and fast to work with, as well as one that provided an easy and festive unboxing experience for the customer was needed.
  • Sustainability:  Customers increasingly want to see packaging that has the smallest possible impact on the environment – especially a change away from plastic or packaging materials that must be returned to the bakery and cleaned.
  • Cost savings:  Direct cost reduction was a goal, in the context of high existing packaging costs using returnable chilled transport boxes. Cost savings were also achieved with reduced need for warehouse space to store packaging materials, since WrapPak Protector paper pads are produced on demand.

The Ranpak Solution

Ranpak proposed WrapPak Protector paper pads to meet the needs of These recyclable pads trap air and prevent heat conduction, creating an exceptional insulator for cold chain applications. This resulted in a number of advantages for, including:

  • Easy integration:  The WrapPak Protector converter is easy to operate, and the waved paper pads show a consistent high quality. Packers can position the paper pads easily in the box, reducing the time required to get cakes on the road for delivery.
  • Happier customers:  The reactions from customers after switching to waved paper pads were positive. Customers appreciated the elimination of the need to return chilled transport boxes, and the fact they could easily place boxes and packaging curbside for recycling. The ability to re-use the Recycold cold packs was an added benefit.
  • Cost and sustainability gains:  The green image made possible by WrapPak pads went hand-in-hand with high direct cost savings, including reduced requirement for warehouse space, less water and labor used to clean returned boxes and more.

“This sustainable thermal integrated solution gives us a great delivery option for our product and service,” said Eric van Noort, Owner. “It results in happy, satisfied customers.”

For more information about Ranpak cold chain solutions and other paper-based packing solutions from Ranpak, please find here.

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