The Label Makers Create Lip-Smacking Look for Special-Edition Gin

There are few finer sentences in the English language than ‘special-edition gin release’, and when that specific assemblage of words comes accompanied by news that said new release features a label by Bradford-based The Label Makers, you know it will be a treat for more than just the tastebuds alone.

Launched by Leeds-based distillery, Folklore Society Gin, to raise funds for mental health charities Mind and Blurt Foundation. The charity bottle – ‘Essentially Amazing Thank You Gin’ – has been created in collaboration with Leeds art collective, In Good Company (IGC).

The Label Makers infuse gin bottle design with vibrancy

The colourful and contemporary design for the label was inspired by the vivid and rich poster artwork of Rebecca Stickson, whose striking work was part of IGC’s ‘Posters for the People’ campaign, which took over billboards in London, Leeds, Manchester, Cardiff and Bristol with the aim to bring joy, art and colour to the streets during the first Covid-19 lockdown.

The labels were digitally printed by The Label Makers at 1200dpi on super white opaque material, with fine gold hot foil detailing added around the heart motif, creating the effect of a celebratory sprinkling of ‘hundreds and thousands’. Gold foil was also used to form the White Rose of Yorkshire, appropriate for both the quality and provenance of the gin.

The mental health impact of Covid-19 is being felt by many and we wanted to show our support and thanks to those charities that are so critical in helping people in the aftermath of such a challenging time,” said Folklore Distillery’s Nolan Kane. “The Label Makers team were great supporters of the project from the outset. The creation of the labels fully captured the intricacies of the design and are just how we had envisioned them. We are really impressed with the end-result.

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