Tosca and Loop partner for a more sustainable tomorrow

Tosca, a global leader in reusable transport packaging and pooling solutions, has partnered with Loop, the circular reuse platform for primary packaging developed by TerraCycle.

The two companies will work together to broaden the adoption of reusables and bring about their collective vision of a more circular and sustainable supply chain.

Beginning in the first quarter of 2023, Tosca will take over as the primary cleaning provider for Loop products in North America. As an ISO-22000 certified provider, the company will deliver industry-best food safety practices. Tosca provides many services that are a natural fit for Loop’s supply chain like reusable crates and pallets as well as IoT-enabled reusable point of sale displays. The two companies plan to work together to increase the adoption of reuse by participating in sustainability forums and increasing consumer education.

“As consumers continue to ask for reusable models, it’s important for Loop to have partners who are not only aligned on our vision but have the capacity to expand with us across the globe,” said TerraCycle and Loop CEO, Tom Szaky. “Tosca has been working in reuse through secondary packaging for more than 60 years so it makes sense we would combine efforts to increase accessibility to reuse.”

Eric Frank, President and CEO of Tosca, said: “We have had our eyes on the great work Loop has been doing in the reusability of primary packaging. I’m confident our partnership will broaden adoption of reusables to all parts of the supply chain and consumer products space.

“Our industry-leading wash process is uncontested in the market and has given our customers so much confidence over the years. It is exciting to offer that value and the strength of our infrastructure to support Loop as it brings the circular future closer to reality.”

Launched in May 2019, Loop is one of the first platforms to partner with some of the world’s largest brands and retailers to offer consumers a way to shop for the products they use every day in durable packaging that is reused until the end of its life, creating a circular system designed to put an end to disposability and single-use packaging.

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Header image: Tosca CEO Eric Frank (left) poses with TerraCycle and Loop CEO, Tom Szaky (right).

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