ULMA Packaging Announces New Automatic Baked Goods Line

ULMA’s new line consists of a receiving conveyor on which the products are sorted and lined up for subsequent even and continuous distribution to one or more packaging machines. They are distributed on a swivel conveyor that places the rows of products on another, subsequent conveyor. The product can also be transferred to an accumulation conveyor or a reject conveyor if there is any defect.

The optional installation of an accumulation or buffer conveyor after the distributor significantly improves the line’s OEE because, if there is an issue on the packaging line, the system transfers the remaining rows to that accumulation conveyor and they are then automatically transferred back to the wrapper when it detects a gap.

1. Product receiving conveyor
2. RDS-DT 0 row distributor with swivel conveyor
3. Product row removal conveyor at 90º
4. Conveyor that fills gaps between products

The FR 200 flow pack wrapper’s feeder delivers the products to the packaging machine evenly.

This new multi-conveyor has been designed in this way to reduce its size and achieve a more compact line. It is also now even easier and simpler to change the belts, thus optimising maintenance and cleaning times.

Controlled using an industrial PC, ULMA’s UPC 4.0, which comes with advanced interconnected manufacturing features as standard, operators can connect to the machine remotely to analyse and monitor OEE.

In line with ULMA Packaging’s commitment to achieve the most sustainable packaging possible, this flow pack wrapper is equipped to work with easy-to-recycle sustainable film.

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