Winpak receives ISCC Certification for use of recycled content

Winpak, a manufacturer and distributor of high-quality packaging materials for perishable foods, beverages and healthcare, aims to provide the best packaging solutions for people and planet. In keeping with this vision, Winpak has announced the granting of its recent ISCC (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification) PLUS Certificate for its largest facility in North America.

ISCC PLUS is a globally recognized standard for recycled and bio-based materials. This certification provides traceability along the supply chain and verifies that companies meet environmental and social standards. ISCC PLUS certification verifies that the process to be used by Winpak for use of recycled content follows defined and transparent rules.

“I am very pleased with the certification received by Winpak. Our employees are focused on our vision and achieving our sustainability goals,” states Phillip Crowder, Director, Corporate Sustainability. “They understand this certification followed by actual production of certified recycled content products is a key element to accomplishing our vision and advancing a Circular Economy.”  

Winpak has been on its sustainability journey for several years utilizing the tagline “It’s Our Nature to Protect™”. The Company develops new packaging solutions, to supplement existing ones, that are recyclable or recycle ready.  Winpak also collaborates with partners all along the packaging value chain to create solutions and infrastructure for a Circular Economy.

“Winpak’s customers look to us to bring innovative packaging that extends shelf life, maintains product safety and quality, adds consumer convenience, and is sustainable, says James Holland, President, Winpak Division. “Winpak meets these expectations today with our packaging solutions, and this certification allows us to bring additional value by enabling Winpak to purchase and incorporate recycled content resins for existing and new innovative packaging products to our valued customers and the environment.”

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