A unique software suite to unlock full packaging line performance

Leading global provider of packaging solutions Sidel is helping to transform packaging line efficiency with a new digital platform that connects real time data to all relevant users, from shop floor to top management.

Evo-ON® is a smart cloud-based solution, with apps tailored to the packaging industry, that helps to oversee and optimise any aspect of the line. Sidel Evo-ON® enables a cheaper, faster and more sustainable production process.

Monitoring packaging lines is fast

Packaging line digitalisation is now a reality for key players in the industry. Digital solutions enable greater agility, opening the doors to superior performance, faster time to market, lower operating costs and enhanced sustainability. Sidel is leveraging its strong Original Equipment Manufacturer expertise and 25 years of experience in data analysis to add more simplicity to line monitoring by putting actionable data at fingertips. To transform raw data into successful decisions, Sidel is introducing the Evo-ON® app suite, a flexible, custom solution that can unlock the potential of the line and identify the best way forward.

The pandemic has accelerated the progress of digitalisation, not only in consumers daily lives, but also in a plethora of industries. Growing investments in data, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and digital technologies are giving rise to a new generation of business and intelligence. The trend also involves the packaging industry mining a treasure trove of data. With the help of digital data analysis, companies are able to react accurately and in a timely manner to various situations.

“Thanks to our vast Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) expertise and over 25-years of experience in machine data analysis, we are able to offer deeper line knowledge, leveraging the cloud computing power for extended data analytics through statistics, machine learning and AI.

Evo-ON® is enabling our customers to reach new heights” says Gabriele Gatti, Digital Product Manager and Business Development Director at Sidel.

Take successful decisions leveraging Evo-ON®

Evo-ON® is a unique cloud suite with built-in intelligence that hosts dedicated applications tailored to the packaging industry, to supervise and optimise any aspect of the line. It is available as a complete package or as individual apps with Evo-ON® Care, Evo-ON® Performance and Evo-ON® Eco, turning data into peak performance. These smart apps draw conclusions and offer recommendations through 24/7 equipment data aggregation and analysis that contextualise real-time raw data to generate reliable machine knowledge for users. The platfom empowers decision-making to unlock full packaging line performance through real-time and pro-active alerts notifications, customisable dashboards and reports.

Evo-ON® is founded on key cybersecurity best practices with industry-recognised standards, ensuring that the data and equipment are protected.

Turn unplanned downtime into productive time

Optimising the way maintenance is conducted can lead to greater uptime and cost- effectiveness. Therefore, finding the right balance between preventive and predictive maintenance is key. Evo-ON® Care makes it possible to move beyond preventive maintenance, leveraging built-in predictive capabilities to anticipate the maintenance of specific parts at the most appropriate time. To maximise the efficiency of predictive maintenance, the main components of focus are those which require more time to be replaced, represent higher downtime risks and can impact finished product quality.

“Through the interpretation and conceptualisation of actionable data by our data experts, the value of maintenance can be enhanced by preventing breakdowns on one side and on the other avoiding unnecessary maintenance. This can increase part lifetime up to 30% and OEE up to 3%,” adds Gabriele.

Sustain high efficiency and optimum utility over time

“The performance of any production facility tends to decrease over time; therefore, to address and solve issues quickly, real-time access to production data is a must. But the real challenge is not just adopting a reliable system, but also selecting the one that will help detect sources of efficiency loss, set priorities, and validate results rapidly,” comments Gabriele.

Evo-ON® Performance is a productivity-focused app that empowers users to accurately assess priority actions to take by monitoring and ranking the machine problems that cause efficiency losses on the line. It helps to detect hidden opportunities and identify all sources of inefficiency through root cause analysis (RCA). It’s benchmarking capabilities between machines and lines are an additional lever to ensure production units meet the performance targets. This smart app provides actionable production data,  increasing efficiency by up to 20%.

Utility consumption varies according to line settings, efficiency, stoppages, maintenance and overall conditions leading to a major impact on the environment as well as costs. Evo-ON® Eco identifies variations at an early stage with the aim of informing and driving lower emissions as well as cost reductions. This smart app provides rapid access to utility consumption by shift, recipes and SKUs so that energy efficiency per produced unit can be benchmarked. On top, the RCA supports rapid corrective action with actionable insights coming from real-time alerts and makes saving recommendations.

“Our aim is to bring additional value to Sidel equipment and packaging lines by leveraging the digital journey we have already started with key players in the packaging industry. Moreover, we are dedicated to evolving and enhancing the Evo-ON® suites by widening the features and scope of the apps in the future, such as extended functionalities towards packaging quality improvement, changeover optimization and much more.”concludes Gabriele.

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