Multivac UK innovation centre

A new era begins at MULTIVAC UK

MULTIVAC UK will be hosting an exclusive launch event for their new Innovation Centre in September 2023.

Between 20th and 21st September MULTIVAC UK will be hosting an inhouse event in its 850 square meter facility in Swindon, which will be the exclusive launch of the Innovation Centre.

The two-day event will give visitors the chance to explore the latest trends and innovations for modern manufacturing solutions including machinery, application and full-line demonstrations, new product launches, keynote speakers and MULTIVAC’s well known Oktoberfest evening event.

A wide range of equipment from processing, packaging, inspection, labelling and automation, as well as integrated full-line capabilities will be shown and will demonstrate solutions for maximizing output and profit while minimising downtime. The launch event will provide a diverse agenda suitable for all visitors across various applications including protein, plant-based and bakery sectors.

Creating a lasting visitor experience

The new and improved space at the Swindon site has been under construction for the last year and now boasts a dedicated space to run equipment of all sizes for new product development. 

There is now a temperature-controlled room which replicates factory environments, full processing and packaging line integration, a supermarket area to highlight trends and innovations, and a comfortable meeting space. This now gives MULTIVAC the opportunity to host product trials with the facility to temper and test products to understand optimum production temperatures.

From entering with raw ingredients, to seeing them processed and packed on the supermarket shelf, and even cooking them in the test kitchen space; MULTIVAC can now offer an enhanced customer journey that is all achieved under one roof.

Invest in innovation with MULTIVAC

At the event, efficient, high-speed lines, complete with next generation traysealing, thermoforming, slicing, labelling, automation, inspection, and case packing will highlight MULTIVAC’s full line and project management capabilities.

MULTIVAC will also host a range of product launches and new machine solutions which will showcase the latest innovations on the market, including the TX 6 Series of Traysealers and W 500 Flowrapper.

There will also be a range of compact solutions including the T 255 TraysealerR 085 Thermoformer and B 425 Vacuum Chamber Machine to demonstrate smaller, space saving machines.

MULTIVAC’s experienced team of Product Managers will be on hand to explain and demonstrate all machinery throughout the duration of the event.

Sustainability, the smart way

With MULTIVAC, you can meet the demand for recyclability and a reduction in material consumption. As Sustainability is now at the forefront of many manufacturers mind and strategy, MULTIVAC will present a range of features surrounding the topic throughout the event, including keynote speakers, branding initiatives and their most sustainable machinery and materials solutions.

MULTIVAC’s team of materials experts are skilled and experienced individuals who can support film and machine analysis, packaging formats and machinery, and sustainability goal creation. They will be present to answer questions surrounding the use of different materials on both new and existing equipment, and to offer their consultancy approach to help adopt more sustainable packaging concepts.

Take your processing to the next level

MULTIVAC collaborate with manufacturers of complementary technologies which integrate seamlessly into their systems for the perfect automation solution or challenge. Processing equipment from partner companies LASKA and Risco will give visitors the chance to see the high versatility of the product range for a wide range of applications.

Portioning machines from TVI offer advanced technology that is optimized for trim and accuracy down to the last gram, and the solutions are renowned for delivering precision that pays off. Attendees can see the results first hand as MULTIVAC will demonstrate the TVI GMS 400 as part of a full line-solution alongside their live butchery challenge, Man vs. Machine.

Reignite your passion for dough

From artisan production to fully automated manufacturing, as if it were made by hand. FRITSCH Bakery Technologies provide the baking industry with first-class dough processing lines and together, FRITSCH and MULTIVAC offer the highest-quality solution for dough processing and bakery product packaging.

MULTIVAC will present the Rollfix and Varioflex machines to help manufacturers master modern day bakery challenges and a dedicated Master Baker from the FRITSCH World of Bakery will host the live dough processing demonstration and answer any questions.

Groundbreaking digital solutions

MULTIVAC Smart Services offer digital solutions for maximum productivity, simple operation, and direct support for your MULTIVAC machines and line components. The event will host several live demonstrations across a variety of machines to let visitors gain insight into the features and benefits

Eat, drink and network at the Oktoberfest evening event!

MULTIVAC UK is a proud daughter company of the MULTIVAC Group, who are based in Bavaria in Germany. To highlight the importance of its German heritage, MULTIVAC will host their well-known Oktoberfest evening event which will give guests the opportunity to get a real taste of authentic German culture.

If you are interested in attending MULTIVAC’s Local Innovation Centre Launch Event, visit their website and register or email [email protected] to highlight your interest.

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