Cater For You supporting the ban of single-use plastic

Cater For You supporting the ban of single-use plastic

On a journey to become more sustainable, Cater For You have, in response to the official ban that came into play on 1st  October, will not supply expanded polystyrene food containers, plates and single-use white plastic cutlery.  

Since the ban has been implemented, the BBC has reported many businesses claim to be unaware of the government’s implementation. Founder Andy Watts said: “It is a surprise that the ban has caught businesses off guard. We ensured that we sent regular updates to our customers via multiple channels, such as monthly newsletters, social media and blog posts. We have acted according to the ban to supply a more sustainable product and will continue to adhere to the guidance.”

Cater For You has been on a mission to find eco-friendly packaging for customers so they can comply with current trading standard laws. In addition to Cardboard alternatives, Cater For You is also supplying the KP Infinity packaging range, a product that emulates polystyrene foam, is made from virgin expanded polypropylene and, most importantly, has been tested and approved by recycling plants such as Biffa and Veolia.

Andy added: “As soon as we heard of the ban, we made it our mission to research sustainable plastic alternatives. KP Infinity food packaging looks feels, and behaves like polystyrene; its thermal insulating properties are lightweight and competitively priced. Yet, it’s made of something completely different – virgin expanded polypropylene.”

The environmentally friendly packaging is not only fully recyclable, it’s water resistant, resistant to acids and alkalis and stays hotter for longer, amongst many other benefits. Cater For You customers can confidently order their packaging, knowing it doesn’t break any laws, resulting in a hefty fine from Trading Standards.  It is available to buy on their online shop at

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