Checkweigher combines quality checks with production data

The installation of an Ishida DACS-G checkweigher and metal detector combination at leading Polish confectionery manufacturer ZPC Otmuchów has helped the company to double production capacity for its range of jellies packed into jars, providing both an important quality check and valuable production data that helps to minimise product giveaway.

Supplied by Ishida’s Polish agent Fenix Systems, the new checkweigher and metal detector are working in conjunction with a 14-head Ishida mid-range multihead weigher, which packs the jellies into jars from 90g to 210g in size. While the metal detector ensures there is no metal contamination in the product, the checkweigher confirms that every jar is within the permitted weight range. Importantly, the checkweigher is also able to feedback to the multihead weigher information on overweight packs. This enables the parameters of the multihead to be adjusted to further improve the accuracy of each weighment and keep over-weights as low as possible.

The feature is part of Ishida’s proven Ishida Data Capture System (IDCS), a powerful software that captures and manages data from every pack that passes over the checkweigher. This provides in-depth real time performance monitoring that identifies opportunities for performance improvement and enhancement throughout the line to deliver increased Overall Equipment Effectives (OEE).

The DACS-G-S015 model is the fifth checkweigher to be installed by ZPC Otmuchów, and the company also has eight Ishida multihead weighers in operation at its four manufacturing plants. The reliability and excellent performance of its existing equipment, together with operator familiarity with the checkweighers, were key reasons for the selection of the latest checkweigher.

“All our Ishida checkweighers utilise the IDCS and are therefore interconnected, so it was important that our new Ishida checkweigher could be part of this, in addition to being well-known to our people on the shopfloor,” explained Dawid Lampka, Production Manager at ZPC Otmuchów.

“The checkweighers are practically maintenance- and trouble-free. In the event of any problem, we can count on the support from Fenix Systems. Importantly, issues can usually be remotely diagnosed and solved.”

The new line incorporates one of ZPC Otmuchów’s existing multihead weighers to mirror the existing line for jellies, both operating at around 30 jars per minute. The lines are in operation 24/7.

The sticky nature of the sugar-coated jellies makes them difficult to handle and control in an automated weighing operation. To counter this problem, the Ishida multihead weighers incorporate a special C4 coating which prevents the products from sticking to the contact parts. This ensures a consistent flow of jellies throughout the weigher. 

“The use of the C4 material has been crucial, as the solution has allowed us to significantly improve our processes,” confirmed Dawid Lampka.

The proven accuracy of the Ishida multihead weighers installed at ZPC Otmuchów has ensured consistent pack weights and minimum product giveaway.

“Our contact with Ishida is excellent,” he concluded. “When we bought our first models, we received full operation and maintenance training. And as well as receiving ongoing support when needed, they are also in attendance when we have any external inspections of the equipment for weights and measures legislation.”

Established in 1946, ZPC Otmuchów is one of Poland’s leading producers of sweets, including chocolate candies, halva, marshmallow, hard and filled candies, gummies, bars, breakfast cereals and salty snacks. The company’s portfolio includes two main brands, Odra and Freeyu, with listings in major domestic and international retail chains, and it also provides comprehensive product solutions for ​​private label and B2B operations. The Group is also a partner in the development of innovative products for large international corporations, including pharmaceutical companies.

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