Dart creates program to recycle foodservice packaging

Dart Container, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of foodservice packaging, has launched an innovative initiative to help customers recover Dart products for recycling.

The new Next Life Take Back Program is the first of its kind in the industry.   

“Dart has a long history of providing unique ways to effectively recover and recycle our products,” said Libby Rice who manages the program for Dart. “The Next Life Take Back Program is another way we’re honouring our sustainability commitments. It helps our customers with limited recycling options ensure the foodservice packaging they use moves to its next life.”

The program makes it easy for U.S. customers to ship their used Dart foodservice packaging to a recycler and have confidence it will take on its next life. All they have to do is:

  1. Collect and clean used Dart packaging made from paper, #1 PET,  #5 polypropylene or #6 expanded polystyrene.
  2. Go to https://take-back.dartcontainer.com, upload proof of purchase and buy a discounted UPS shipping label based the type of material they’re sending back and the size of their box.
  3. Drop their box at any UPS shipping site.

“Dart’s First Use to Next Life focus is all about supporting litter reduction efforts and boosting access to recycling,” Rice said. “We look for this program to inspire others in the industry to offer similar options.”

To learn more about the Next Life Take Back Program, visit https://take-back.dartcontainer.com.

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