ErthCycle announces partnership with Jayleaf

ErthCycle announces partnership with Jayleaf

ErthCycle, an innovative provider of organically biodegradable plastic packaging alternatives, has partnered with Jayleaf, a family-owned and operated food distributor providing fresh, organic leafy greens to the masses.

This partnership represents a significant step forward in the mission to reduce plastic pollution within the food production and distribution industry and create a more sustainable future.

ErthCycle’s patented, third-party tested technology offers a solution to plastic pollution by creating a plastic alternative that is organically biodegradable. This innovative packaging uses 25% fewer fossil fuels on average and, in a simulated landfill environment, has been shown to organically biodegrade 76.7% in 695 days. With this partnership, Jayleaf is joining the movement toward a more eco-friendly planet and is taking a responsible approach to packaging its products.

“Each year we use about 1.3 million bags, so by switching over to these biodegradable bags by ErthCycle, we are completely eliminating plastic and prioritizing environmental responsibility,” said a Jayleaf representative. “These changes benefit our customers as it sets an example for them and others to follow.”

“We are thrilled that Jayleaf chose us as a partner on their journey of reducing plastic waste and creating a more sustainable future for the next generation,” said Cooper Bayliss, CEO and co-founder of ErthCycle. “Jayleaf’s commitment to sustainability aligns perfectly with our mission, and we are excited to see them take this step toward creating a better world for future generations.”

With plastic pollution causing a plethora of issues within our society, ErthCycle seeks to significantly reduce reliance on fossil fuels as well as discarded plastics, which often end up littered throughout our environment. Our patented technology is typically cost-neutral for companies to switch to, which opens doors for mom-and-pop shops and large corporations alike.

The impact ErthCycle products will have on the packaging industry is only just getting started. By choosing ErthCycle’s products, Jayleaf is not only reducing its environmental impact but also setting an example for other companies to follow.

“Here at Jayleaf, we believe that the future lies in responsible practices that preserve and nurture our planet. ErthCycle aligns perfectly with our values, providing packaging solutions that not only minimize environmental impact but also inspire positive change,” said a Jayleaf representative. “With ErthCycle, we embrace a holistic approach to sustainability, recognizing that every choice we make today shapes the world we leave for future generations.”

By working together, these companies are setting an example for others to follow and demonstrating that sustainability is possible right now. ErthCycle is excited to celebrate this partnership and looks forward to continuing to work with companies like Jayleaf and bring ErthCycle technology into the packaging industry, to reduce plastic pollution and create a better world for future generations. ErthCycle is the plastic pollution solution we can achieve right now.

For more information about ErthCycle’s organically biodegradable plastic packaging alternatives, please visit or follow them on socials at @ErthCycle.

ErthCycle’s patented technology combines natural additives to create a plastic packaging material that both reduces carbon and organically biodegrades significantly faster than standard plastics. ErthCycle plastic can be converted into numerous finished products at a virtually cost-neutral comparison to standard plastics.

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