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Rodney Steel hands BCMPA baton to Emma Verkaik as new CEO

The BCMPA – the Association for Contract Manufacturing, Packing, Fulfilment & Logistics has announced that Emma Verkaik (pictured) will become its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO), following the retirement of Rodney Steel on June 1.

Rodney Steel has led the BCMPA since 2003. During this time, the Association has developed into a major force, promoting the services of the UK’s contract manufacturing, packing, fulfilment and logistics sectors, and providing a valuable resource to companies needing outsourcing support.

Rodney Steel expressed his gratitude for having had the opportunity to lead the BCMPA for over 20 years. “It has been an honour to serve as Chief Executive, and I am proud of the accomplishments we have all achieved together,” he said. “I am confident that the Association will continue to thrive under Emma’s leadership, in what will no doubt be a seamless transition from her existing role.”

As its current Membership and Marketing Director, Emma has worked closely alongside Rodney as the BCMPA has built both its membership and profile. Now representing over 200 members, the Association is the go-to organisation for brands, retailers and entrepreneurs looking to find the ideal partner for their outsourcing requirements.

Emma said: “I would like to thank Rodney for the successful path he has set for the BCMPA, and I very much look forward to building on these strong foundations.

“Our industry plays a key role in providing the solutions that help to ensure that products and goods are readily available in store or online when we need them. By further strengthening the collaborative relationship between BCMPA members, brand owners and retailers we will continue to raise the profile of outsourcing to a wider audience and future proof our Association in this dynamic and innovative sector.”

Today the BCMPA offers a range of support services to help businesses successfully navigate and realise the benefits of contract manufacturing and packing as well as fulfilment and logistics. In addition, members can provide advice and guidance on everything from NPD, supply chain management to regulatory compliance and packaging, helping minimise risk and optimising the production and supply chain process.

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