Tribe Protein Muesli in Greiner Packaging's K3®

Tribe’s instant breakfast Protein Muesli Pots land in Tesco in sustainable packaging

Tribe has launched a new protein muesli instant breakfast oat blend in Tesco, delivered in Greiner Packaging’s sustainable K3 pot.

“We were attracted to using Greiner Packaging’s perfectly recyclable K3 packaging due to its sustainability credentials,” said Rob Martineau, Tribe co-founder Rob Martineau. “The lightweight PP cup is wrapped in a cardboard sleeve which can be easily separated to enable recycling.”

“We are pleased to have helped Tribe take its new Protein Muesli instant breakfast porridge pots to market so quickly,” said Greiner Packaging UK & Ireland Sustainability & Innovation Manager Rachel Sheldon. “Our recyclable K3 plastic-cardboard cup is a perfect fit for the brand, and we are proud to see the new tasty product on shelf in Tesco nationwide.”

“Consumers had been asking us for a high-protein natural breakfast,” said Rob Martineau. “So, having launched the product in pouches, we have now taken it into the ready-to-go instant breakfast cereal category.

“Tribe’s proposition of ‘Natural plant energy. Fuel without compromise’, is all about great flavour, so we are proud to say that Tribe Protein Muesli Dark Chocolate & Hazelnut is the UK’s first protein breakfast to win a Great Taste Award.”

Tribe’s instant breakfast oat blend is available in Raspberry Nut Crunch and Dark Chocolate & Hazelnut flavours. Packed with natural plant energy, gluten-free and suitable for vegans, each pot contains 10g of protein.

Fighting modern slavery

“Ten years ago, Tribe was inspired by ‘run for love’ – a 1,000 mile run to fight child trafficking, and we launched the brand at the end of 2015,” said Rob Martineau. “Our mission remains to end modern slavery, and the Tribe community has since raised more than £1.5m for our registered charity Tribe Freedom Foundation.”

“Tribe Freedom Foundation, in collaboration with the UK Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner and Stop The Traffik, recently launched a project called ‘Foodies Fighting Slavery: An Agenda for Action for UK Food & Drink SMEs’ and we are delighted that it has been endorsed by all the major UK supermarkets.

“97% of the UK food and drink industry are small and medium-sized businesses. Despite wanting to take action, SMEs can feel powerless to understand how they can do more to fight slavery within their supply chains. ‘Foodies Fighting Slavery’ empowers tens of thousands of SMEs with practical tools and knowledge to combat the risk of modern slavery in their supply chains. We want to help the food industry to change.”

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