Wausau Coated Products launches Castile Bright Silver Foil - Dual Metal

Wausau Coated Products launches Castile Bright Silver Foil – Dual Metal

Wausau Coated Products, an independent family-owned and operated, leading manufacturer of adhesive-based label products, has launched Castile Bright Silver Foil -Dual Metal.

Castile Bright Silver Foil – Dual Metal is similar to their existing Castile Bright Silver Foil with the added benefit of seeing “metal” on both sides of the label. This product is ideal for clear liquids like tequila, vodka or gin that you can actually see the back of the label through.

It is a perfect option for brands wanting to create a premium, unique look without the added cost of metallic label material. Castile Bright Silver Foil – Dual Metal allows for the use of traditional label materials, coupled with the stunning visual effects of metallic foil.

You can easily take your creativity to the next level by adding texture to your label designs through embossing, debossing and stamping. Not only is this product visually stunning, but it also provides durability and resistance to moisture and heat, ensuring that your label stays intact and legible even under extreme conditions.

“The launch of Castile Bright Silver – Dual Metal is another exciting example of Wausau Coated Products innovative approach to expanding the possibilities for pressure sensitive labelling. We are passionate about helping printers and brands create unique packaging,” said Adam Frey, Director, North American Sales, Wausau Coated Products. “Dual Metal has all the benefits of pressure sensitive labelling with the authentic look of a metal nameplate no matter which side of the label you are viewing.” 

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