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WorldStar success for Berry’s 3R Trigger Spray

The Berry Global 3R trigger spray head for the circular economy, developed for its cooperation partner Werner & Mertz, received a 2023 WorldStar Global Packaging Award at this year’s Interpack international packaging exhibition in Düsseldorf.

An example of Berry’s technical and manufacturing expertise in creating circular solutions, the mono-material trigger spray is made from over 97% polypropylene and incorporates 29 percent post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic, while being 18 percent lighter on average than the current market standard. The spray head can also be easily removed for refilling.

At the same time, the 3R retains its consumer convenience benefits of easy handling and accurate spraying, thanks to its pre-compression technology.

The WorldStar award follows the trigger’s success in the German Packaging Awards last year.

“The development of the 3R has been a very successful collaboration, and we are very grateful to Patrick Schmidt and his team at Berry for their contribution,” said Immo Sander, Head of Packaging Development at Werner & Mertz.

“A small, lightweight plastic pump with recycled material in the functional components is both new and innovative and this has been confirmed by the winning of these two prestigious awards.”

For more information on Berry’s ability to create products with up to 100% recycled content, visit www.berryglobal.com/en/sustainability/supporting-customer-goals/recycled-plastic.

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