Xaar invests in state-of-the-art cleanroom to drive manufacturing & energy efficiencies

Xaar, the leading inkjet printing technology Group has invested approximately £1.2 million in its printhead manufacturing facilities, as the business continues to focus on improving its operational and energy efficiency.

The end of the highly planned 10-week project not only provides Xaar with the latest smart factory manufacturing for its inkjet printheads but delivers significant sustainability benefits to the Group, with a rapid payback on the investment expected.  

Through setting up a digital twin of its cleanroom, workflows have been dramatically improved, reducing waste and inefficiencies. In addition, by installing smart meters, Xaar is also able to track energy usage every five minutes enabling the business to identify and eliminate any areas of energy wastage with analysis of this data.

Maintaining the temperature and air handling in cleanroom areas is extremely energy intensive and by reorganising the space from four cleanroom-controlled areas to three, and separating off part of its footprint, Xaar expects to reduce energy usage by up to 40 per cent, while gaining 18 per cent extra space for future developments.

Environment is one of four key pillars within Xaar’s Sustainability Roadmap, which launched in 2022, and the improvements made during the cleanroom shut down, has also seen the fitting of efficient LED lighting and new production machines.

With the recent launch of the Aquinox, Xaar’s water-based printhead in November last year, the company has been keen to increase its production yields to fulfil the increased demand, and the streamlined manufacturing flow now provides this.

Paul Shepherd, Head of Engineering at Xaar said: “This project has major outcomes from a sustainability and manufacturing perspective, through enabling us to intelligently manage our production.

“Our flexible cleanroom and upgraded equipment and services, will save significantly on our energy consumption at Huntingdon, while continuing to ensure we provide the industrial inkjet printheads our growing global customer base demands.”


Notes to editors:

A copy of Xaar’s Sustainability Roadmap to 2030 can be found on the business website and updates will be provided as part of the Group’s annual and half year reporting.

About Xaar

Xaar is an inkjet innovator, providing printheads and technologies for OEM and UDI customers worldwide.

By helping customers lay down precise volumes of inks and fluids with absolute pin-point accuracy, time after time, Xaar’s inkjet printheads and technologies meet the needs of numerous markets. Covering graphics, labelling, direct-to-shape, packaging, product decoration, ceramic tile and glass decoration, décor, and outer case coding applications – as well as printing with specialist functional fluids for advanced manufacturing techniques.

Collaboration is at the very core of its business. Xaar works as a trusted partner from sites in Europe, China, and North America, providing expert insights and technical support every step of the way.

With over 30 years’ experience, around 300 patents registered or pending, and major ongoing R&D investment, Xaar’s digital printhead and precision jetting technologies create infinite opportunities for today’s sustainable manufacturing innovation.

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