ZACROS receives awards for Recycle-Ready Refill Pouch

ZACROS, a global leader in flexible packaging for liquids, recently received the 2023 WorldStar award in the ‘Packaging Materials and Components’ category and the 2022 AsiaStar award in the ‘ECO PACKAGE’ category with a recycle-ready monomaterial MONOSOLUTIONS™ refill pouch.

Because conventional refill pouches are typically made of multiple films laminating together, they were difficult to recycle. ZACROS developed and mass-produced this recycle-ready all-PE flexible pouch, which optimizes recyclability while providing barrier property that prevents deterioration and a strength that can withstand actual use.

ZACROS has been leading the market with a sustainable refill culture in Japan through manufacturing refill pouches. This award-winning “monomaterial refill pouch” is one of the MONOSOLUTIONS™ series, which promotes the transition to a circular economy.

As the global needs for sustainable packaging solutions grow, ZACROS expands its monomaterial refill pouch production to North America and Asia to support customers worldwide. ZACROS will continue to improve environmentally friendly packaging to the next level.

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